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Top 5 Drinking Games to Make Your Party Not Suck

After a hard day of skiing Mont. Tremblant you’ve decided to throw a party for those new friends you met on the slopes. Do you want a party full of awkward silences or would you prefer laughter-filled memories? Play one (or all five) of these games and let them be the starting point for an unforgettable night.

Ring of Fire

A favourite among University students worldwide, Ring of Fire, or Kings, is a game everyone has played. All that is needed is a brief grasp on the rules, a deck of cards and a big cup. This game will be prefect for those cold nights in Tremblant when the party needs something to get it started.
Simply set your rules for what each card means, place the cards face down around the cup in the middle and begin drawing. When a king is drawn, the player pours some of their drink into the middle cup. Whichever unlucky soul draws the fourth king drinks the dirty mix that has formed. A few rounds of this will start any party.

Ride the Bus

This is a game for smaller parties, where the rules are nearly as important as the drinking itself (nearly!). This is definitely one for the quieter nights in Mont Tremblant accommodation when only a few of your mates are round. However, a quiet night playing Ride the Bus more often than not will lead to some unforgettable memories.

The rules are fairly complex, but when played correctly will turn the most tragic party into something that is talked about for weeks.


Commonly known as Shith**d, this is certainly not a game to play with your Grandma. It is a game played by backpackers in hostels around the world and will liven up your Mont. Tremblant party.

The aim is to get rid of all your cards and the last to do so is hit with a drinking forfeit. Whilst the game can take longer than the others and requires more attention, it is great for a smaller gathering.

Beer Pong

This is the classic game that any true party would not be complete without. Whilst it requires more preparation than the others, the possibilities are endless and it is a favourite for those tired of seeing the deck of cards come out. This is a must for your party and the incredible backdrop of Mont. Tremblant behind your Beer Pong table will make them instagram pictures all the more special. What can go wrong?

Flip Cup

Tremblant Mountain

Another game where cards don’t make an appearance is Flip Cup. Although rules differ, the basis is that you have to flip a cup over with one hand. Sounds simple, right? Hopefully you can become the flip cup champion of Tremblant Mountain, and not forget too much along the way.

Drinking games have been the starting point for many parties that have gone down in legend. By playing any of the above you can make your party up Mont. Tremblant unforgettable.

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