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Tremblant Mountain

Top 5 Drinking Games to Make Your Party Not Suck

After a hard day of skiing Mont. Tremblant you’ve decided to throw a party for those new friends you met on the slopes. Do you want a party full of awkward silences or would you prefer laughter-filled memories? Play one (or all five) of these games and let them be the starting point for an unforgettable night.

Ring of Fire

A favourite among University students worldwide, Ring of Fire, or Kings, is a game everyone has played. All that is needed is a brief grasp on the rules, a …

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6 Great Tips for Sledding Safely

If you are visiting Mont. Tremblant the variety of activities on offer is vast. Sledding can be great fun as you fly down the hill, taking in the winter scenery as you go and ending up in a heap of snow and sled at the bottom. However, no one wants a day prematurely ended on account of an injury. Hopefully these 6 tips can make sure your day out sledding goes as smoothly as your runs down the slope.


Up on Mont. Tremblant the conditions are not what …

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