6 Great Tips for Sledding Safely

If you are visiting Mont. Tremblant the variety of activities on offer is vast. Sledding can be great fun as you fly down the hill, taking in the winter scenery as you go and ending up in a heap of snow and sled at the bottom. However, no one wants a day prematurely ended on account of an injury. Hopefully these 6 tips can make sure your day out sledding goes as smoothly as your runs down the slope.


Up on Mont. Tremblant the conditions are not what you would find on your tropical beach, make sure you wrap up warm with layers and cover all of your body. This will not only make sure you are warm but provide you with protection when you inevitably end up with your sled on top of you.


Choosing the right environment to go sledging can be difficult if you don’t know what you are looking for. It isn’t ideal if the slope you’ve chosen has a busy road at the bottom which will not only be dangerous for you, but for other people as well. You are looking for a smooth slope with a long run off at the bottom to give you plenty of time to stop.


Similar to the environment above, make sure the slope is not full of hazards that you can collide with. If you are sat on your sled at the top of the slope and there is a maze of trees and rocks between you and the bottom, then perhaps you haven’t considered your location thoroughly enough. Mont. Tremblant is large resort so simply find another hill that isn’t littered with obstacles that could end your day early.


Don’t overload your sled. It may seem a fun idea to be racing down the hill with you and your 12 best friends all squeezed onto a child’s sled, but it is dangerous. Mont Tremblant is a busy resort and overloading your sled could lead to you, your friend or even a passer-by being injured.

The Right Sled

Making sure you pick the right sled is important. Avoid the flying saucers that offer you no control and opt for something more substantial where you can steer and brake. Being able to avoid a passer-by will be useful, as will being able to stop before you wipe out your grandma.



Along with the slope and any hazards around, the surface you are sledding on is equally as important. Be certain to pick somewhere that isn’t icy, making it impossible to stop and dangerous for when you want to get off. Your best choice is a powdery slope that will make your sledding experience all the more fun, check this out!

There you have it, 6 tips that will not only make your day of sledding safer, but will make it more enjoyable too. Put these tips into practice on Mont. Tremblant and you will defiantly have a great time enjoying the snow.

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